Hey, I’m not a cowboy, so why do I need a brand?

Business owners, no matter their size, are encouraged to develop a logo or some kind of identity when setting out their wares in the open marketplace. No matter whether you offer good or services, are a man or a woman, have 100 employees or are a sole proprietor, you need a way to be identified. Everyone seems to know they need it but many are not sure why.

So what’s a logo good for anyway?

Here are my top 5 reasons to have a logo for your business:


Branding – A logo helps you build your identity as a provider of good or services in the marketplace. By establishing a solid brand you can capture mind share with your target audience and as a result increase your pool of prospective customers.


Differentiation – A well designed logo can help your business stand out from the crowd and even tell your customers something about who you are. In a market filled with businesses offering the same or similar goods and services, a professional logo can be the difference between getting the sale and not.


Memorability – A vast majority of people (about 65%) are considered to be visual learners so they find it easier to forget things that they hear or read. But as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. A professionally designed logo can help keep your company top of mind with the majority of your target market.


Commitment – A well thought out logo can be like a college degree on a resume. It shows a commitment to your business that can inspire confidence from would be customers thus increasing the odds of a successful outcome when competing for their business.


Stability – A professionally designed logo can make a business feel more established and quite possibly like a larger operation than you are in reality. In today’s global online marketplace it can give you the opportunity level the playing field against much larger competitors.

Identity is everything to a business but a logo may only one part of a larger picture. If you are in need of a full branding campaign to get your company where it needs to be and have the budget to support it, an Advertising Agency is the best place to start because they can offer end to end service across a variety of media. But if you are just wading into the waters of the marketplace with a new business, there are a number of online companies that can design the perfect logo for your business and augment it with other identity materials for a very reasonable costs and you will never have to leave the comfort of your own computer desk.