Wordpress Maintenance

Basic WordPress Maintenance

Don’t get caught with a security hole in your WordPress website. Keep your software and plugins up to date with the latest versions without having to think about it. Your Basic WordPress Maintenance includes checking your site on a monthly basis to:

  • Update to the latest version of WordPress
  • Update to latest compatible version of installed plugins
  • In the event a plugin is not compatible with the latest update or has other issues, you will receive an email with the status and proposed fix.
  • Roll back to previous version of WordPress in the event its necessary to keep your site running smoothly in the absence of a suitable alternative when applicable.
  • Backup of data with WordPress back up plugin.


Cost: $99/year
What a Bargain and your first month is free!

Enter Site to Be Maintained


Cost: $15/month
Still a great price!

Enter Site to Be Maintained